This morning my head feels clear and I feel alive.

I have just spent 3 days with good friends on a weekend away and it is the first time to do anything like this. We know each other many, many years and are very comfortable with each other. We move to the same time-scale, like the same things, and can nearly answer for each other but are also very independent of each other.

We had fun; alot of fun. We’re morning not late night people. We love good food, swimming, prosecco, touch of shopping and galleries and dance and we experienced all of these this weekend. Every moment was full, not panicked and therefore relaxing. I could have been away for a week judging by how I feel today

We all need time away, with rest and activity. We need to feel comfortable but not dependent on our companions (though this is something which may need to be built up). A weekend that excites all the senses can make you feel alive and invigorated.

Already planning our next one……..can’t wait.


Centre of the universe

This world constantly amazes me with it’s beauty.

Very cold morning & beautiful clear sky. Driving to work I see the glow of the rising sun to my left – intense orange, & over to my right the phantom-like full moon saying goodbye until tonight. I feel in the centre of the universe – we all are, yet do we realise what a uniquely special place this is or how lucky we are to be here?

I wonder how many other universes there are where the inhabitants have similar experiences? Am I being arrogant in feeling at the centre of the universe? Well maybe, but it’s the centre of what we know as our universe so if a little arrogance makes me appreciate the beauty of what I see then that’s fine by me.

Sunday Mornings

Oh I love Sunday mornings, easy and relaxed.


Crepes or French toast (pain perdu -lost bread, as they call it in France) piled on the plate with blueberries, good yogurt, cinnamon and maple syrup. Some good, some not so but the ecstasy in the mouth surely makes up for it with the good enery in my body? And a nice big cup of freshly made decaf coffee – A Sunday morning treat.

This photo was my breakfast out in the sun in Provence this year, no bluberries but the setting made up for it. 


Memories from childhood can be a funny & strange thing. Everyday items can suddenly bring up an emotion, good or bad, funny or sad.

It’s like the bulrush I mentioned earlier, everytime I see one or a picture of one I immediatley feel safe, protected and happy. I stand straight as my Grandad did and I feel strong. It’s as if the sun is shining and the sky is blue and all is right in the (my) world.

The Old Army Man

As a child I would go walking with my Grandad, an old army man. He was a (or seemed) tall, and walked like an old Seargeant that he was.

Some people thought he was severe and sharp, and he could be all of those things but not to me. I adored him, he was kind, gentle and fun.

The halfway mark of our morning walks was to stop at a bog and he would go in and cut me a beautiful, tall bulrush when in season. They still always remind me of him, and bring many fond and happy memories flooding back.

The Bulrush and The Old Army Man.