I always thought this was mine!!!!


“Keep your face to the sun and the shadows will fall behind you” is something I have begun saying over the last couple of years and I thought it was original, as in mine. But it appears that Walt Whitman stole it from me years ago!!

As I have never read any of Whitman (yet) I wonder how these things happen. Did I hear this somewhere and was it stored in my subconscious and then just popped into my head one day when it was pertinent? Or did an similar event or feeling happen to me as Whitman and did we come up with the same sentence? Or are either of us a time traveler who stole it from the other, and as it’s widely known as his quote I have to let him have it?

Our mind – particularly the subconscious constantly amazes me. Considering 98% is the subconscious mind who knows or will ever know the true workings of it.


Author: thebulrush

I will ramble, I will discuss, I will opinionate; or I may include excerpts from something longer. Some of it will be my own feelings opinions and some will be fictional, however I hope you enjoy it all and please feel free to comment..........

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