Mont Ventoux – The Bald Mountain


Mont Ventoux is like a beacon in this area of France and is known, loved or hated by the thousands of cyclists who attempt to conquer it’s heights on a daily basis. There have been many who never saw the top, the struggle too great. It is a beautiful and cruel mountain and I’m always drawn to it like a ‘bee to honey’ but I’m a walker not a cyclist and I don’t have that need to kill myself in the attempt to tame it. I just love to be one with it. These are my musings………………………..

You stand proud like a sentry

Constant as time

The Bald Mountain;

A homing point on the horizon

You come alive when the sun hits you,

Your white top shining like icing on a cake

Your slopes turning black as the light changes.

To conquer you is the aim of many

Though I just love to be there

Among your trees or sitting on your limestone

Seeing what you see.

Petrach described his ascent and the view he saw

From the Rhone to the bay of Marseille.

It is still the same

With sleepy Sault and Aurel to the east.

“Giant of Provence” you are beautiful, mesmerising and cruel.

Your winds so strong they threaten stability – they are invigorating.

You draw people from near and far.

You stand alone, apart from your brothers and sisters – yet they claim you.

You are a beast, a “Beast of Provence”,

You are Ventoux.

From a selection of original poetry “Musings in Provence 2013


Too Much Detail………………..


I am loving writing my book, the story just flowing when I sit down to write. Events and happenings come to life that hadn’t even occurred to me before I sat down, twists and turns coming to life on the page.

My biggest problem is the research to make sure I have certain facts straight as it is based in history and therefore I need to have the period details and time frame correct. Now don’t get me wrong I have no problem doing the research, in fact I love it. My problem is that I can get lost in research, distracted. I want to get as much information as possible to make sure it’s correct and can end up with reams of information that has no bearing on what I’m writing. It is a failing of mine to have or want too much detail, making sure that everything is correct, that I have left no stone unturned in my quest for detail.

What’s the problem you may ask, isn’t it correct to have all the details? Well no, sometimes we can have too much and then we get lost in the detail and not in the story, or the happening if it’s real life. We are so hung up on the detail we cannot think or act spontaneously and that is when emotion no longer has any room to react to the situation and when the human part of us becomes defunct – might as well be a robot.

I am learning to pull back and restrain myself, as I had great training in a situation I would not have chosen to be in. My husband was diagnosed with cancer four years ago. When we went for the appointments before treatments and subsequent surgery, they only gave us a small amount of information each time and at the start I was infuriated as I wanted to know everything, but for once I didn’t sit down to google the minute I got home. In fact I learned over the couple of years that they give you just enough information at each step that you will be able to deal with. Dealing with the knowledge of the illness and what’s to come etc is so overwhelming by itself that if you had all the information and/or spent your time researching all the information you would not be there for the person concerned; You would not be able to support them or yourself. I learned that sometimes less is more and it is something I do my best live by now, sometimes I forget but I’m getting there.

And by the way, he’s doing great 🙂

Morning ramble

This morning I thought I would just ‘Free write’. Sit down at the laptop and start and see what comes out. It could be a load of hogwash or there might be something in it. I had set the clock to get up and work on my book but realised I hadn’t blogged for over a week and I was feeling disconnected.

I’ve gotten into the habit of getting up very early each morning to do an hours writing as if I don’t the promise of writing during the day does not happen. Plus my mind is unhampered first thing in the morning when everyone is still in bed and even the dog just raises his head to look at me but goes back to sleep.

Our little dog is spoiled rotten but is incredibly good in return. He makes us laugh with his antics and gives so much love in return. He’s smart and knows how to let us know exactly what he wants. To those of you who say that animals forget, bullshit! We could be sitting watching tv and he’ll go and stand at the door staring fixedly at one of us until we open it. He will go to an exact spot to get whatever it is he wants….a particular toy, to drag in his bed or a drink.

This morning I think I’m going to make crepes for breakfast with fresh berries and yogurt and a drizzle of maple syrup. I love my food but good food. I want to eat and feel good afterwards in that my body wanted and liked the food, it did me good so yes I’m fussy about what I eat and take outs are a very rare treat. Yesterday we were going to treat ourselves to one after work as our dependents were on a sleep over but instead I cooked fillet steaks with lemon butter, real potato wedges (as in not out of a bag) and veg, delicious…..and of course a nice bottle of wine. What a treat, easy and quick to cook and great. We then sat down and watched Body of Lies with Russell Crowe and Leonardo Di Caprio – great film about the lies we weave and their consequences.

If I’m going to cook crepes for breakfast I had better get up and do it. Have a great day everyone 🙂