Chitty Chitty Bang Bang awakens the child……………………….


Written by Ian Fleming (widely known for James bond!), this film starring Dick Van Dyke came out in 1968 and my brother took me to the cinema in Tooting when it was first released – I was 7; it was also the year my beloved grandfather died and I think that’s why I loved Lionel Jeffries who played the grandfather in the film – although not a bit like my Grandad who was an old army man (my bulrush).

Anyway, the film and the music turn me into that little 7 year old again and I love it. Marty Whelan on Lyric FM in the morning often plays a song from it and my other favourite The Jungle Book and there I am in the kitchen eating breakfast, getting lunches ready and dancing around the kitchen.

Triggers, that’s what they are. Triggers which bring back great memories, the same way smells can do. The things memories are made of, and fortunately in this instance good memories. I love memories and the feelings they evoke, the wonderful thing is we have the power to control our memories and the feelings which are aroused as a result if we change the way we look at the events and memories but that’s for a whole different article.


So Chitty, Chitty. Bang, Bang……I visited Neuschwanstein Castle in Bavaria about 10 years ago which was the home of Mad King Ludwig and it is amazing. I think he would be delighted to know that the castle in the film and the Disney castle were both based on his castle, however when we visited it was the world cup in Germany and the place was full of mad football fans all sporting their colours including mexicans sporting massive sombreros – but the atmosphere was great.

So as usual I digress and wander but that’s what I love about memories they take you to everywhere and nowhere all at once. So….

“Oh you Chitty Chitty Bang Bang,

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang we love you……..”


Morning ramble

This morning I thought I would just ‘Free write’. Sit down at the laptop and start and see what comes out. It could be a load of hogwash or there might be something in it. I had set the clock to get up and work on my book but realised I hadn’t blogged for over a week and I was feeling disconnected.

I’ve gotten into the habit of getting up very early each morning to do an hours writing as if I don’t the promise of writing during the day does not happen. Plus my mind is unhampered first thing in the morning when everyone is still in bed and even the dog just raises his head to look at me but goes back to sleep.

Our little dog is spoiled rotten but is incredibly good in return. He makes us laugh with his antics and gives so much love in return. He’s smart and knows how to let us know exactly what he wants. To those of you who say that animals forget, bullshit! We could be sitting watching tv and he’ll go and stand at the door staring fixedly at one of us until we open it. He will go to an exact spot to get whatever it is he wants….a particular toy, to drag in his bed or a drink.

This morning I think I’m going to make crepes for breakfast with fresh berries and yogurt and a drizzle of maple syrup. I love my food but good food. I want to eat and feel good afterwards in that my body wanted and liked the food, it did me good so yes I’m fussy about what I eat and take outs are a very rare treat. Yesterday we were going to treat ourselves to one after work as our dependents were on a sleep over but instead I cooked fillet steaks with lemon butter, real potato wedges (as in not out of a bag) and veg, delicious…..and of course a nice bottle of wine. What a treat, easy and quick to cook and great. We then sat down and watched Body of Lies with Russell Crowe and Leonardo Di Caprio – great film about the lies we weave and their consequences.

If I’m going to cook crepes for breakfast I had better get up and do it. Have a great day everyone 🙂