I cannot live in Black & White


I need blue skies

I need the yellow of a sun flower

I need the red of a pepper ready to eat

I need green as bright as new grass

I need the orange of a glass of juice, creating saliva in my mouth

I need purple as rich as blueberries and as bright as lavendar

I need brown like a bulrush

I need colour to survive as I cannot live in black and white.



Memories from childhood can be a funny & strange thing. Everyday items can suddenly bring up an emotion, good or bad, funny or sad.

It’s like the bulrush I mentioned earlier, everytime I see one or a picture of one I immediatley feel safe, protected and happy. I stand straight as my Grandad did and I feel strong. It’s as if the sun is shining and the sky is blue and all is right in the (my) world.