Too Much Detail………………..


I am loving writing my book, the story just flowing when I sit down to write. Events and happenings come to life that hadn’t even occurred to me before I sat down, twists and turns coming to life on the page.

My biggest problem is the research to make sure I have certain facts straight as it is based in history and therefore I need to have the period details and time frame correct. Now don’t get me wrong I have no problem doing the research, in fact I love it. My problem is that I can get lost in research, distracted. I want to get as much information as possible to make sure it’s correct and can end up with reams of information that has no bearing on what I’m writing. It is a failing of mine to have or want too much detail, making sure that everything is correct, that I have left no stone unturned in my quest for detail.

What’s the problem you may ask, isn’t it correct to have all the details? Well no, sometimes we can have too much and then we get lost in the detail and not in the story, or the happening if it’s real life. We are so hung up on the detail we cannot think or act spontaneously and that is when emotion no longer has any room to react to the situation and when the human part of us becomes defunct – might as well be a robot.

I am learning to pull back and restrain myself, as I had great training in a situation I would not have chosen to be in. My husband was diagnosed with cancer four years ago. When we went for the appointments before treatments and subsequent surgery, they only gave us a small amount of information each time and at the start I was infuriated as I wanted to know everything, but for once I didn’t sit down to google the minute I got home. In fact I learned over the couple of years that they give you just enough information at each step that you will be able to deal with. Dealing with the knowledge of the illness and what’s to come etc is so overwhelming by itself that if you had all the information and/or spent your time researching all the information you would not be there for the person concerned; You would not be able to support them or yourself. I learned that sometimes less is more and it is something I do my best live by now, sometimes I forget but I’m getting there.

And by the way, he’s doing great 🙂


Hi, Hello, Greetings…………………………….

Where have I been since I began this blog last year???? Once again dealing with enormous changing situations which follow me wherever or whatever I do. People tell me that when things happen to me it is like I am reading a book…….I just finish the chapter and move onto the next without looking back, and I realise that this is true.

Dealing with changing circumstances is something I excel at, whether or not I enjoy it is something else, but I can certainly do it. When I was coaching and training, Change Management was an area in which I worked with people and I know that change is not embraced easily by many people.

When change happens – whether by choice or it is foisted upon me, there is choice in every aspect. I am a thinking person and I know that in order for change to occur “well” within my life the first thing I need to do is to choose to accept it and let go of everything else. I keep a very steady accepting path for a while, waiting like a cat ready to pounce and in doing so little windows of light and opportunity will open up along the way. There is always something else which will occur if I am open to it, keeping my eyes, senses and heart open.

During my life I have left one area to try and forge my path in another direction always to be pulled back because of  family illness or tragedies. I have given up trying to forge my path now that I know this is my path!!!. Everything I have learned along the way was preparing me for each situation, and each time one was dealt with the learning prepared me for the next, and the next.

Change is something I have always had thrown upon me and therefore have learned to embrace with both arms open – both on the work front and personally. It is what I excel at, as once again it is here and I have left the work force to care for an elderly relative. HOWEVER I now have the opportunity to follow this passion of mine and that is writing. I am dusting off the unfinished manuscripts I have – a children’s book and a novel and plan to give these the attention they deserve and see where they take me. Will they be successful? I don’t know. Will I enjoy the process? Most certainly.

Change is not to be feared, it is what we make it. When working with clients my favourite quote was (and still is) from Wayne Dyer “If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at will change” – so in this change I have had to take upon me again there is another opportunity which I embrace.